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Summer Classes

Classes run June 5th- August 5th. The studio is closed from July 2nd-July 8th. To register for classes click here!

*Free trial class available, please contact us at 224-828-08012

Class Descriptions


This class is for our itty bitty movers! Dancers will have fun learning pre-ballet and tap movements to children’s music through singing and movement games. Props such as bean bags, scarves, hula hoops, parachutes, and more will be used! Class sizes are kept very small to assure plenty of individual attention for our youngest dancers.

Hip hop

 Hip Hop is a high-energy class that includes the latest street dancing, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone by bringing their own individual styles and personality to the movements.


We will focus on learning proper dance techniques and isolation of the body. Students will get the opportunity to explore various styles of jazz dance like Broadway, street, and contemporary jazz. Class includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolation, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations.

Ballet/Tap Combo

This combination class is designed for students to express themselves through the art of dance. This class introduces students to ballet and tap skills through activities, movement games, and singing. Students will have fun learning basic ballet and tap terminology, as well as dancing with the use of props such as bean bags, scarves, hula hoops, parachutes, and more!


Students will learn classic ballet techniques and terminology. Each class will include barre, center, and across-the-floor work. As students progress techniques will get more complex and intricate.

Creative Movement

 This class starts with basic dance fundamentals and builds on those skills throughout the session. This class focuses on building control over motor skills and introducing children to dance terms. Students will learn how music influences their movements, follow directions and use dance for positive self-expression. 


This class consists primarily of floor tumbling in addition to stretching and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility and strength. Students will work on a floor balance beam.

Music and Movement

Music and movement classes combine the use of musical instruments, singing, and movement. Students will explore music with maracas, tambourines, rhythm sticks, and their voices. How different tempos, pitches, and styles can make them feel and move.

Mini & Me

Mini & Me is a parent and child class for ages 14 months - 2 years old. This class is the first stepping stone to an independent dance class. We will sing songs, use props and have fun while building bonds with each other.


his class is fun and provides a sense of rhythm, timing, and coordination not learned in any other dance form. Students love listening to the music they make from their shoes.

Toddler Agility

Toddler agility classes focus on all motor skills to assist with early childhood development. This class is great for any young movers that need some help with balance, coordination, jumping, skipping, cross-lateral movements, and running out some energy! 

Tummy Time & Wiggles

 This class is for our tiniest  movers. Ages start at 10 months and goes through 14 months. This class focuses on moving and engaging with others. This is also a social time.

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