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Studio Policies

  1. Absences:

    • Parents must inform the office at or 224-828-0801 if their child is going to be absent.

    • Make-up classes are offered and need to be scheduled through the office.

    • Inclement weather may lead to class cancellations, and make-up classes can be scheduled through the office. Closure notices will be sent via email, The Band App, and posted on social media.

  2. Drop off/Pick up:

    • Dancers aged 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult before and after classes.

  3. Minimum class numbers:

    • Classes may be canceled if they do not reach the minimum number of students required. In such cases, the class may be combined with another one.

    • Parents will be notified via email and phone if a class is canceled and will be offered alternative options.

  4. Class Changes:

    • All class changes, transfers, and drops must be handled through the office.

    • It is the responsibility of parents to inform the office of any changes.

    • Tuition payments remain the responsibility of the parent, even if the student did not attend the class due to failure to notify the office.

  5. Enrollment and Notice Period:

    • All students are enrolled for the entire session, whether it's fall, winter, spring, or summer.

    • A 30-day notice is required if a student wishes to drop a class.

    • Notice can be given via or 224-828-0801.

  6. Communication:

    • An active email address is required at the time of registration.

    • The Band App is used for communication, where pictures, videos, and important information will be shared, and parents can directly message the teacher.

    • There is an exclusive parent's Facebook page,, where important information, specials, and pictures will be posted.

  7. Performances:

    • Dance sessions follow the school year schedule, starting in the fall and continuing through winter and spring.

    • There may be a Christmas/winter performance for parents at the center during the week of December 11th-16th, with no ticket requirements.

    • The studio-wide spring recital will take place on Saturday, April 27th, 2024, with ticket sales starting in March 2024. Children 2 and under are free for the recital.

  8. Performance Attire:

    • Christmas performance attire for different classes includes specific t-shirts, skirts, or props with fees due on October 5th.

    • Spring recital costume fees are due on January 8th, 2024, and the fee includes the costume and tights. Shoes must be provided separately.

  9. Dress Code:

    • Each class has specific shoe and attire requirements outlined as follows:

      • Ballet/Tap: Dancers need both ballet and tap shoes, and leotards, skirts, shorts, and tights are optional but jeans are not allowed.

      • Music/Movement/Tumble & Toddler Agility: Comfy clothing is required, and no specific shoes are needed.

      • Tap: Tap shoes are required, and comfy clothes are suitable for this class.

      • Lyrical: Ballet or jazz shoes can be worn, and comfy clothes are recommended.

      • Hip Hop: Clean sneakers or jazz shoes are required, and comfy clothing is recommended.

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